The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a leading advertising industry organization, has launched a CCPA Benchmark Survey to assess how companies across the digital advertising ecosystem are approaching CCPA compliance. The survey provides an opportunity for companies to anonymously report on their handling of various CCPA matters, including to provide statistics relating to the number of access, deletion, and “Do Not Sell” requests organizations have received, and to weigh in on the vexing issue of whether and in what context the use of cookies and other tracking technologies constitute a “sale” of “personal information” as defined in the CCPA.

The IAB is seeking all companies participating in the digital advertising industry to fill out the survey. This includes publishers, advertising technology companies, and advertisers or brands that utilize cookies and other tracking technologies on their sites and mobile apps for advertising purposes.

We encourage entities participating in the digital advertising system to participate. The published survey results will be anonymous and will not identify any participant.

BakerHostetler attorneys Taylor Bloom, Kyle Fath, Jerry Ferguson, Alan Friel, and Linda Goldstein contributed to the development of the survey as members of the IAB Legal Affairs Committee. For information regarding the IAB’s CCPA Framework and BakerHostetler’s further involvement with the organization, please read our Baker Data Counsel articles here and here.