Leading into the long holiday weekend, we on the BakerHostetler Advertising, Marketing & Digital Media team have lots to be thankful for. Our newest partner, Daniel, has really helped remind us how much we enjoy blogging. As we are pushing off the pandemic languishing, one of our resolutions is to commit to more consistent posts in the new year. But it’s Thursday, Christmas Eve eve. We could write about the CFPB probe into Buy Now Pay Later products or the drama brewing at the FDIC over CFPB actions. But I would rather talk about the holidays and food, as the seasonal spirit is beginning to take over and these things make me happy. It’s just that kind of a day.

As shoppers tentatively head back to in-person shopping, many are braving the grocery stores post-vaccine, claiming they enjoy the experience. Surprise and delight don’t seem to be limited just to fellow shoppers actually keeping their masks above their nostrils, at least not for some shoppers at Giant Eagle and Meijer. Stouffer’s has added singing stickers to some of its lasagna packages. You can “push me for holiday cheer” and enjoy Deck the Halls rewritten to “treat yourself to something cheesy, falalalala-lasagna.” This will probably not top my favorite Christmas ad, but it is singing stickers and lasagna. ’Nuf said.

I have also taken to starting my mornings by visiting Jonathan Graziano’s TikTok page to see if it is going to be a Bones or No Bones day, where whether the aging pug gets up for his walk (bones) or slumps back into his bed (no bones) tells us what kind of day it will be. Jonathan and his dry sidekick Noodle also do select sponsored content, such as this post from Grubhub.  Which, since this is an ad LAW blog, I should note has perfect material connection disclosure – starting the written post with #ad and ending with #GrubhubPartner, as well as a native disclosure in the video itself. Noodle is a star and any brand is lucky to land him.

But this British ad for upscale eatery Waitrose probably best sums up my feelings about the holidays and feasting. Enjoy some good cheer and raise a glass and a fork with friends and family as we close 2021. I might be back one Friday in January sharing my favorite weight loss and workout advertising trends. Maybe. Here’s to a happy and safe holiday for you and yours from AD-ttorneys Law Blog.